Carers are in our

 They are one of us. 

Carers work with us yet we often don’t know that they are working around the clock. Their work never stops.

Employers, get to know who your Carers are and nominate and raise funds for them for the One Day Off initiative. 

How to support your Carers at work – and retain their skills and talent.

  • Identify who your Carers are: understand who may need support and what services are available to them.
  • Appoint a champion: empathetic leadership is often driven by someone at a senior level who has been through the experience themselves, and can provide sensitive support.
  • Normalise the conversation: in an open, supportive workplace with positive working relationships, it shouldn’t be hard for Carers to discuss their needs with their manager.
  • Avoid ignoring the issue: don’t make assumptions if people suddenly need to take time off. Take the time to understand what the underlying issues may be.

(Carers NSW)

Interested in reading more? Try Take Care: How to be a Great Employer for Working Carers, Professor David Grayson, Director of the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility at Cranfield School of Management.