Frequently Asked

What is the difference between the Carer, Champion and Nominate a Carer registration?

The Carer’s registration is for the Carers to register. The Champion registration is for a friend of a Carer who wants to raise the funds on the Carer’s behalf. The Nominate a Carer registration is where you want to have us send an email to a Carer to encourage them to register.

When do the funds have to be raised by?

Champions should attempt to raise the funds by 31st December. Carers don't need to raise the funds themselves, One Day Off will do its best to raise the funds for all Carers to have a day off. 

When is the One Day Off?

The Carer is able to nominate whether they want a day off between Monday to Friday or Saturday. We will make contact with all Carers throughout the campaign but once the campaign finishes on the 31st December we will make contact again. All Carers that have achieved their fundraising target we will make contact to co-ordinate a date to have their One Day Off between 1st March and 30thJune.

If more funds are donated than the Carer's target can the Carer have more than 8 hours off?

No, the One Day Off campaign is designed for a Carer to have 8 hours off. Any funds raised over and above the fundraising target will go towards helping another Carer achieve their target.

If an individual or organisation donates directly to the campaign or Caring for Carers Australia (CCA) where does the money go?

This money will be used to fund the Carers registered on a first in basis.

Does CCA get a percentage of the amount raised?

Please refer to our Where the Money Goes page for a more detailed description of the breakdown.

Can a Carer have a day off on a Sunday?

No, the One Day Off campaign terms & conditions state that a Carer’s One Day Off can only be taken Monday to Saturday.

How can Champions or others raise funds?

Be creative! Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Have a street BBQ and everybody donates
  • Ask some of your local businesses to organise a fundraising event
  • Email or call the Carer’s friends and family and ask them to donate
  • Share the Carer’s fundraising page on social media platforms - as many as you have!
  • Ask your local school or church to host an event or have a cake stall

If a Carer has more than one care recipient do funds have to be raised for each recipient?

Not necessarily, as per the instructions in the registration process you need to contact CCA at so we can assist you in determining the amount that CCA will need to raise.

If the Carer has more than one recipient and they choose to have the 8 hours of support work, does the target have to be reached for each recipient?

If a Carer has more than one care recipient, you simply need to follow the instructions when you register and contact us at

Why can’t somebody nominate a carer without their permission?

CCA is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and other laws which protect the privacy of individuals. Please see our privacy policy on this site.

Is an annual event?

Yes, Caring for Carers Australia is very excited about the prospect of running the One Day Off campaign as an annual event.

What can I do to help?

As you can imagine, a campaign of this magnitude requires many hours work from staff and volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to help us ensure that the 2.7 million unpaid Carers across Australia have One Day Off please click on our volunteer page, register and leave us a message with how you think you can help Caring for Carers Australia (CCA).

How does a Carer have One Day off if they have other children or dependants that do not have a disability/mental health illness or chronic health condition?

Ask the team that is fundraising for the Carer to organise for the other children or dependants to be taken care of. Maybe family members or neighbours could help out.


What if the Carer's target isn't reached?

Don’t panic! There are a few options:

  • Caring for Carers Australia may use additional funds raised by another carer to ‘top up’ a Carer’s funds
  • If donations are made directly to Caring for Carers, some of these funds may be used to ‘top up’ a Carer’s funds
  • Keep an eye on your total and as the 31st December gets closer ask your Champion to ‘ramp up’ their fundraising efforts

What if more money is raised than the Carer's target?

This money will be used to top up another Carer’s target so they can have One Day Off too.

Why does a carer have to wait until next year to have a day off?

The campaign officially ends on 31st December giving Carers and their Champions several months to raise the required target. Caring for Carers Australia’s staff and volunteers will then work very hard for 2 months to organise the service providers that will be supplying professional support workers to care for the care recipient.

What if I don’t have a current service provider?

That’s ok, a service provider in your area will be contacted and they will call you to arrange an intake assessment for your care recipient.

Can somebody donate to any Carer or just to the campaign?

Donors can donate to either a Carer or to CCA. When they visit the website they are able to search for a Carer or donate to Caring for Carers Australia.

How does the money paid directly to the campaign get distributed to Carers?

The money donated will be distributed to all registered Carers on a first in basis.

What does classify as an unpaid Carer?

A carer is classified as someone who provides unpaid care for a loved one who has a disability mental illness, chronic condition, terminal illness, is frail and aged, or a Foster or Kinship Carer who care for children who have suffered harm as a result of abuse or neglect. Please refer to the ‘check you’re eligible’ page for further information.

What does lawn/yard include?

It includes lawn mowing, edging, trimming of small plants/hedges. Please note: this service does not include any products eg lawn fertilizer, the funds raised are for the service only.

What does cleaning include?

It includes cleaning in your home (spring cleaning, window cleaning, general cleaning). Please note: this service does not include any products, the funds raised are for the service only.

Do Carers have to raise the funds?

No, not if they don't want to. One Day Off will be doing its best to raise the funds so all registered Carers can have a day off.