Where the 
money goes. 

Thanks to your generosity we will be able to start helping the 2.7 million unpaid Carers in Australia who don’t get paid, have a day off.

OneDayOff.org is an initiative of Caring for Carers Australia (CCA). Every dollar you donate helps a small not for profit organisation do something big for a group of people that give so much to care for a loved one.

Your donation to a Carer at OneDayOff.org will enable Carers to have one day off their caring role or domestic duties.

The Carer can choose to have their day off on a weekday or a Saturday. The targets to be raised are based on the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) rates plus the expenses needed for CCA to run this campaign.

OneDayOff.org will not only be helping Carers, it will also be supporting local Not-for-Profit and community Organisations.

What are the services?

There are 3 options a Carer can choose for their day off.

  • 8 hours of respite
  • 8 hours of domestic cleaning
  • 8 hours of lawn/yard maintenance

If a Carer chooses 8 hours of respite, there are 4 different options depending on the needs of the care recipient (The Carer’s loved one’s needs) and the day of the week the Carer would like their day off).

We’ve enabled Carers and their Champions (someone who is raising funds on behalf of a Carer), to customise their targets to reflect the needs of the care recipient.

Once again, all hourly rates are based on the NDIS rates. The options are one-on-one care Monday to Friday, two-on-one care Monday to Friday and either one-on-one or two-on-one on a Saturday.

Here is the two-step process to delivering the Carer’s one day off (for the 8 hours of respite option):




Midweek In-Home Assessment

In order for a support worker to care for someone in their home, we need to conduct an In-home assessment (if they do not have a current service provider. This will mean one of our NDIS or State approved service providers will visit the Carer’s home, at a mutually convenient time, on a Monday to Friday to assess the care recipient’s needs (the loved one).



8 Hours of support

Once the In-home assessment has been completed (if required), the Service Provider then matches the professional Support Worker to the needs of the care recipient. Only once the Service Provider has completed an assessment can a professional support worker enter the home. Once the professional support worker is matched to the care recipient, a suitable day is co-ordinated between CCA, the Carer and the Service Provider to give the Carer the 8 hours off.

Where the Money Goes

Your donation goes toward paying the midweek assessment (if the 8 hours of respite option is chosen by the Carer) and 8 hours of support, enabling Caring for Carers Australia to co-ordinate the campaign. Here is a breakdown of each dollar that you pay:


8 hours of support work, cleaner or lawn/garden maintenance

89 cents is used to pay for service providers, not-for-profit and community organisations who will provide the 8 hours of service.


Future fundraising, media and marketing

7 cents is invested to enable the campaign to run the following year.


Finance and Administration

4 cents is spent on essential finance and administration.